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Tatiana changes from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
Walt:This is my Video of the Three state's of matter first is solid and then Liquid and Gas.We had to do it because we were learning about the three state of matter.

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Thank you Abby

Dear abby,from motat.

behalf of the year 5s we thank you some much abby for showing as around motat we love all the things the you showed as and we hope we can come back to motat.  

The first thing that we went to was myth busters my one was that we had to see if a magnetic field can go through anything. 
The second thing that we did was we went on a tram ride it like a trail but it is not and it songs like a trail to but it is not.the tram ride was cool we saw people and we saw the zoo too.
Then at the end we all wanted to not leave because we were all so amaz that what was in motat.
Your goodbye,Thankyou Miss willson,Miss Lavakula,Abby

Your Name Tatiana.

Behalf of the year 5s we thank you so much Abby for showing as around motat we love all the things that you showed as we hope to come back to motat.

The first thing that we did was myth buster my myth buster was a magnetic field can go through anything and some other one’s were can a child lift a grown up and the last one is a rainbow will all way’s go out of order.

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Walt:This is telling you about what we did at motat the first one is filing a cup with water and do not spill it out.

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Walt: this is my Tessellation's.We have been learning about Tessellation and what it is like Tessellation is that we can not leave white with the photo.


Walt: this is my poster to show what we did at Motat and it will be fun if you go and what time it open's and were its is.

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Behind the door

Once a upon time there lived two girls named Penny and Angel. They were going for a walk to their Nana Hazel. She was very sick so they wanted to see how she was. On the way they got hungry but they had no money to get them a feed so they we're going to go back home but they could not because it was to far away so they kept on going to there nana.

Then it started to get hotter than Angel could see a shop from where they were they needed a drink of water then they started to walk again then "Penny" could see a door in the middle of nowhere she wanted to know what was behind it Penny and Angel were thinking about what was going to be inside of it "Angel" was thinking about that there were going to be food behind it "Penny" and "Angel"  was thinking about that her nana was going to be behind the door.

Then "Penny" started thinking again about what was going to be inside of it she was thinking about what if a dog was behind it and then Angel started to think what was going to be behind it two what if a snake was behind it.Then the girls were wrong about what was going to behind it "Penny" wanted Angel to open the door then "Angel" wanted Penny to open the door so if something bad or good was behind it she will not get hurt.

Old_double_doors.jpgge Attribution: By Dennis Brown (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Then "Penny" was thinking about what if they were going to play rock paper Scissors 3 times in a row "Angel" won 2 times in a row then Penny started to get 2 times in a row and then Penny won so "Angel" had to go and open the door then Angel said who ever win’s they have to open the door."Penny went to go open the door and inside it was her nana Penny was happy to see her nana and Angel was to but they were so Hungry to so there nana made them some egg’s and chicken so that how my story ends.

Diet coke Bottle Experiment's

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A wild adventure

One a upon time the story goes like this.One day there were two girl’s named Emily and Emma they were best friends but one day they found a cave they wanted to go look what was inside the cave but Emma did not want to go into the cave because one day someone told her that something live in the slimy cave it was the Joker and Dead pool they were friends but then they stop being friends and now they fight.

Then when Emma run back Emily was gone she look all over her village but she could not found her Any were then she went to go look for her in the slimy cave then Emma could hear someone crying but it was not Emily it was her other friend Penny she got lost and then Penny wanted to help Emma find Emily. They could hear Emily crying but not were it came from then Emma got lost to but Emma was not Scared so Emma started calling out Emily name Emily could hear her and penny but when she tried to run to her she got even lost then the Joker and Deadpool found Emily and but her in there dungeon Emma found Emily but Emma did not know how she could get Emily out of the Joker and Dead pool Dungeon.

Emma tired ever thing she could do to get Emily out of the Dungeon then Penny could hear the Joker and Dead pool coming to them then when the Joker went to the dungeon Emily was gone then the Joker and Dead pool went to go look for Emily.
A Wild Adventure...
Image Attribution: By Doug Knuth from Woodstock, IL (Son Doong-47) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Tuesday, 11 October 2016 dry ice

How we made bouncy balls

Scientific Question What Happens When we Mix Borax,water,food coloring,glue and Four it turn into a ball or slime.

What do we already know?
Food coloring is liquid.Borax is a laundry detergent.If your Bouncy ball was watery you had to add corn flour if you haded corn flour it will do nothing.

What can we find out?
We will make a Bouncy ball
Food coloring,glue,corn flour,hot water,borax,

What do we think will happen? (Hypothesis)
If I…, then ….will happen.
If i make it correctly then it will form a bouncy ball.
If i did not make the bouncy ball correctly it will turn into slime.

What do we do to find out? (Procedure)
  1. In one cup we put borax and water.
  2. In another cup we put corn flour,glue and food colouring
  3. Stir the cup with the corn flour mix.
  4. Gradually pour the water mix into the corn flour mix.
  5. Made bouncy ball.

What Happens ? my bouncy ball work because i made all the correctly things for it and but when i put it in my hands it was like slime then i had to roll it into a ball then that how i made my bouncy ball.  

Tell as how you made the bouncy ball’s ? we made bouncy balls by using. We had to have 2 cups,Borax,hot water,and in the next cup we had to put glue,corn flour,food colouring,and then srit.

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Tatiana IMovie 1

Tatiana iMovie 1 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

The boy who larned to fly

A lifetime ago there was a little boy name Usain Bolt.He lives in Jamaica country or village is a small place to live in.Were Usain Bolt was from had not that much grass or water and there were bush green trees too.
Usain Bolt hate to be late to school so he runs to school but. When he runs to school  he forget his lunch so when he get to school  he forget that he forgot his lunch so when he look’s at all the kid with lunch he want it.
His teacher saw Usain Bolt that he had no lunch so he told Usain Bolt if he wanted some of his lunch .If he race the fastest kid in the school when Usain Bolt started that race he was going fast then his but then the boy went faster than Usain Bolt looked at the lunch that the teacher had in his hands and run fast as he could.
Then when Usain Bolt was 15 that was when he was going for his first race but when he was going for his first race he didn’t want to go for the race he think that he was going to lose and he did not want to lose but when his mum came she made Usain Bolt happy.

Kayaking Trip

Once a upon time there lived 3 kids and 2 adult the 3 kids names were kelly hazel and Jamyne they were going for a kayaking trip but there mum was afrid to go kayaking.
Because there mum told them about when she went for her first kayaking trip when she was 5 or 8 she went for her first kayaking trip she was having fun but her brother went to jump off the boat and she fell off but the thing was she could not swim so that’s why she dose not want to go on the kayaking trip.
Then if there mum did not want to go on there kayaking trip there dad will go with them they went to there dad and he wanted to go so they went into the car and dive off but it took them a long time to get there and it was a hot as day the kids started to go to sleep because they got hot.
When they got to the river the kids were a sleep so there dad went to go for a kayaking trip by himself he saw some fish and he wanted to get some for there dinner but when he tired to get the fish he fell off and he could not swim.
There dad was calling for the kids and the kids waked up and they saw there dad so they went to go and save him so the went in there kayaking broads and they went to go and get his hand and they saved there dad so the kids had a swim and went to sleep and had there best first kayaking trip ever.

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2016 rio olympics explanation writing

In the olympics a lot of Athletes cheat becasue they use PED’s to make them go faster...In swimming they have to not cover there stomach Beacuse it makes them go faster too.
They want to use PED’s because they get a lot of money for winning medals for gold medals they pay you 25,000 million dollar and for silver medals you get 15,000 million dollar’s and for bronze you get 10,000 million dollar’s so they just cheat to get the money for there sponsors.
Kobe bryant get’s payed 25 million dollar’s and he all so get 28 million dollar’s with that he is sponsors by nikes and he all so get’s money from his sponsors but when he get’s money from his sponsors he dose not get tax because his sponsors pays for it.
If Kobe Bryant was sponsors for nike forever he can not go to a another sponsors like underamor that mean’s if Kobe Bryant was sponsors for nike forever he will just get pay from nike and he will just get nike staff that it and he can not get a job because his job is work to get more money and make his sponsors shop cool.

Maths Problem Solving

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If i were at the olympics

When they first come into the olympics - When they first start the olympics they think of wanting to win and when they are in the olympics they get nevous and they want to take a beep breath.

Training how do the athletes win - Gatlin they use hyper speed camera to show what they have to do to make him go faster,In Swimming they have to make them not wear under armor swimming suit because it makes them go faster now.
When did the olympics started - On October 13 in 1986 the summer olympics started and that’s when the first baseball tournament happen and that’s when the winter olympics happen too.

Technology used to help athletes win - In the 1924 the winter olympics starter and all so in 1924 the summer olympics happen to and that when the first baseball tournament happen and that’s when Cuba won the first golden medals.

Celebration - In all of the Olympics games when people win they will go crazy like they will do a crazy dance and they will cry to.But if they have kids they will hug them kids.

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Real life hero's

One hot day in America a old man the age of 40 was selling lion club’s John & Ace were looking at the lion club’s in a small little caged hungry and sad so John & Ace bought one and took it to their paddock.

But when they got the lion they had to tame it the little lion club was to scared to play with John & Ace because of the man when he locked the lion club’s in the cage it made them scared.

But John & Ace did not want to hurt the lion he wanted the lion to be his friend so John & Ace played with the lion every day and feed the lion every day.

But one day they saw other lion’s next to him and he was the king of the pride he had two sisters and two Brother he was the big Brother out all of them.

In two years there lion got bigger so John & Ace thinked of taking him to Africa but they think how they were going to get him there so they went to the airport to see if someone will that him to Africa one person said that he will take him to Africa. So they got the lion and put it on the plane. They stayer to miss the lion so they went to go have a visit in Africa for there lion but the person how was selling the lion club said that the lion will not remember them but they still went.

One’s they got there they were looking for there lion for two hour’s  but one’s they saw it the lion looked at them and the lion run up two them. Then John & Ace hudy the lion because it been a long time they saw there lion.

And the lion ever let them see there pride and his wife.Image result for john and ace lion

Avengers Assemble

Super Girl is just in the Bat cave with Superman  and Batman. Batman is on his computer looking to see if the Joker  is in town but Batman  finds the Joker  in new zealand stealing money out of the bank’s in town. And Bat Man finds the Black WIDOW and TIGER GIRL were going to take over the city in new zealand.

Supergirl  and Superman went into new zealand city and Batman went to all of the new zealand banks to see where the Joker was going to stealing all of the money from the all of the banks in new zealand.

Bat Man founds the Joker in new zealand banks so Batman  goes to him but the Joker uses his bombs and hit’s Batman.Then Batman wakes up and the Joker went to around to the bat cave to get his bat car then Batman  goes to the bat cave then the Joker  get’s him in person because Batman uses his bat car to get him and the police get the Joker and take him to person.

Supergirl and Superman found the Black WIDOW and TIGER GIRL on the top of new zealand skycity so Supergirl and Superman fly up to the skycity on the top so Superman lazer eyes TIGER GIRL and Supergirl flies down and get’s TIGER GIRL.

Then the TIGER GIRL goes to Super Girl and Attack her then Super man goes and help Super Girl to get TIGER GIRL but she got away be for Superman or Supergirl got her. Then Batman called to Superman and Supergirl for some help to find the Joker.

Superman  went to Batman and Supergirl went all round new zealand to look for TIGER GIRL so Super Girl went to all the banks in new zealand and went to all the zoo in new zealand,Superman and Batman went to go have a look for the Joker they saw the Joker he was with TIGER GIRL so Batman and Superman and Supergirl get the Joker and TIGER GIRL to get them in person.

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Researching world

List some questions that you would like answered?
  1. What happened on August 29th, 1914?
  2. On what date did NZ’s first soldier die? What was his name, where was he and how did he die?
  3. We do not know that this was world war 1 or 2 because world war 1 happen in 1914 and war 2 was in 1934.
  4. Don took the hit on the third of october 1917 and he die
  5. On August 1914 the Britain ask new zealand what were there seize because German wanted to capture samoa but then new zealand let them be a free country

Find your answers from the below websites:

Insert your information notes below:

Question 1 information:
New Zealand freed Samoa.
German capture samoa but new zealand went and capture samoa but new zealand let them be a free country.

Question 2 information:

During the past couple of days I have been finding out about World War 1. I found out that the first NZ soldier to die was Private William Ham. He was fighting in Turkey in an area that is know as Suez Canal. They were fighting against the Ottoman Empire which we know as Turkey. He died 2 days after the attack because of his extreme injuries.

Question 3 information:
Bill friend Don took the hit for Bill on the third of october and die on 1917 Don die because of his extreme injuries.

Question 4 information:
Don shouted at some men but he did not know that there were the men that they were to kill so when he shouted at them they went to him and killed him with a bomb.

Question 5 information:
Don saided to him that he was going to dead because all he heard was bullets shooting in the sky and people were deading next to him but he did not dead because someone came to him and took him to the place were people look afther the people who get injuries.

Question 6 information:

Two days later Don went back to see his friend to see if he was alright but when he went in the door he was not happy because he saw all people all around him the were very injuries and were very bad hit.