Tuesday, 23 May 2017


On a sunny day Room 7 walked to Glen Innes swimming pools with miss parrent and when we got in the Glen Innes swimming pools we saw the Instructors. Their names were Kat Jess and Jed.Jess showed us how to be save in a life jacket. When you are going to hop in the pool you put your hand around the life jacket and then your other hand goes around your nose too. And then you jump in the pool or lake.And also Jess told us how to know if a life jacket fits or if it does not fit too.When we were swimming Jess told us to do arm circle’s and freestyle too. And Jess showed us how to do look up and also doing kicking with you looking up. Also we did back kicking too.When ever i always came out of the pool i felt wet and hungry but i think i did a good job of swimming.And if we get to swim again i will do even better the next time.

Thursday, 11 May 2017


Once a upon time there were three people on an airplane going to America then one stormy night a lighting hit the plane and they crashed.  they were stuck on a deserted island.

There name’s were Kaden Danielle Alexy’s they were stuck on a deserted island and they could not escape. Kaden started  looking for food Danielle started to tire make a boat to get of the deserted island and Alexy’s she was making a shelter.

Danielle saw a plane in the sky they started drawing ‘help’ but the plane did not see it so they tried to make fire but it started raining so they tried to ride away on their raft but it sunk so they tired to make another boat with leaves and logs.

Then ‘Kaden’ and ‘Alexy’s’ started getting hungry so they started hunting for food but the had not found any so in a couple of day’s they had gone skiny because they did not find food.