Monday, 29 August 2016

2016 rio olympics explanation writing

In the olympics a lot of Athletes cheat becasue they use PED’s to make them go faster...In swimming they have to not cover there stomach Beacuse it makes them go faster too.
They want to use PED’s because they get a lot of money for winning medals for gold medals they pay you 25,000 million dollar and for silver medals you get 15,000 million dollar’s and for bronze you get 10,000 million dollar’s so they just cheat to get the money for there sponsors.
Kobe bryant get’s payed 25 million dollar’s and he all so get 28 million dollar’s with that he is sponsors by nikes and he all so get’s money from his sponsors but when he get’s money from his sponsors he dose not get tax because his sponsors pays for it.
If Kobe Bryant was sponsors for nike forever he can not go to a another sponsors like underamor that mean’s if Kobe Bryant was sponsors for nike forever he will just get pay from nike and he will just get nike staff that it and he can not get a job because his job is work to get more money and make his sponsors shop cool.

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