Monday, 17 February 2020

First three weeks in science.

What I learnt, in science for these first 3 weeks.

  • The first week, we we're learning all of the safety rules that you will have to learn if you are in a lab, and obey by just in case you might get hurt.
  • The second week we just did the same thing.
  • The third week, we just started too do our first blog today, so this is it. 
                              I hope you enjoyed this little description of our science class.

Monday, 2 December 2019

Chromosome town.

For genomics, we had to do a little research, and answer some questions. and pair up some chromosomes from today, sort them out into groups of 2 and find out why our chromosomes we're 2 different colours, if you would like to find out more about us pairing chromosomes with each-other. then tell me and I maybe do some more research about pairing chromosomes.

Friday, 22 November 2019

Ratio and Proportion

Walt: this is some week from 2 weeks ago but I forgot to post this work, So
I hope this can make my blog complete again. I'm very sorry for not posting.

Monday, 18 November 2019


Walt: this week for inquiry we've been doing a-lot of research of dna, And
I can't believe how much things we've learnt from looking at these little clips
Of dna. I really hope that this helped you a-lot with dna.

Thursday, 14 November 2019


Walt: This was week 1 work but I wasn't able to finish it on the first week
back when I came back to school, Because I wasn't there, And I forgot all
About last weeks work so I'm posting it now!.

The hungry wave!

Walt: This week we've been learning a-lot about poems, And how to make our
Own poems for etc, I hope you enjoy my little slide-show of all my hard-work!.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019


Walt: this week we had to do a review on this little slide-show of how
Maths and working out problems can be easy to find, I think this is what I found
And I'm assuming that this is the review that we had to look at.