Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Maths problem Solving

walt: This is my problem solving for year 5 work i will show you how to do this it like this i have
25 + 35 = 60
25 + 5 = 30
30 + 30 = 60

Friday, 19 February 2016

Duffy show

On Tuesday there was a Duffy show in pt England school it looked cool when we first saw it the people who came in. It started like this the year 5 and 6 came in and then the year 7 and 8 came in. Then it was the year 5 and 4.

There was 1 girl and 2 boys 1 of the boys were playing Duffy he's the person who is the one who in the story. And there was a girl who was playing ruby as Duffy friend and the other boy was playing all the other people in the Duffy show.

This is how we started this story this is it. We started with the Duffy song and we sing the Duffy song. And then they started with the Duffy show and it started like this Duffy was reading his book but ruby his friend was playing her music to high.

Then Duffy mum when to go have a talk to ruby and then ruby came out dance and then Duffy wanted to dance with her but Duffy mum did not want to let Duffy dance with her because it was his bed time then ruby told him that he can come over Tomorrow.

Then Duffy came to ruby house and was going to watch TV and Duffy got sick off it then ruby show Duffy her photo book then Duffy wanted to talk about her dad but ruby did not want to talk about it so Duffy made a thing so he can go back in time so he can save him from getting kill.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Maths Problem Solving

Walt: this is my Maths Problem Solving for year 5 and this is how i can show you like this 


Maths problem solving

Walt: This is what we are doing for year 5 work this what we are doing we have to do this we have a Problem like this here i will show you it like this 


Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Image result for mount white island
This story started in 1967 and it was place in a forest. There were two people who were going to have a battle in the forest because they were battling about where they were going to stay in new zealand and Maungarei want Putauaki to go away from this land.  

And the people names are called Putauaki and 
Maungarei there were one woman and one men they were going to have a battle in the dark forest because Maungarei wanted Putauaki to go away from this country but Putauaki did not want to go away from this country because it was his home Putauaki did not want to fight to.

But Maungarei wanted to have a battle with her because she did not want to fight and she did not want to lose her country so the thing she had to do was she had to fight from her country so she will not lose her country.

So the battle happen at 12:00 Maungarei and Putauaki were there and they had a talk first and had the fight it was in new zealand and that were there were fighting on the top of Maungarei hill and Putauaki hill they were fight on there hill because that's where they were safe and will get there power from.

Then when there were having a fight happen at 12:00 there was a big rain cloud and lots of rain came down to the grown when there were there fight Maungarei found some way how to stop this fight because putauaki wanted to not fight but if putauaki did not fight  Maungarei will get his place.

Then Maungarei had something in his head he had idea and it was that he wanted to have a little talk to Putauaki to see if he wanted to have a little talk and see if they can work something out so Maungarei said if you want your place you can have it and then he said yes i will have my place and keep it nice.