Thursday, 16 June 2016

Real life hero's

One hot day in America a old man the age of 40 was selling lion club’s John & Ace were looking at the lion club’s in a small little caged hungry and sad so John & Ace bought one and took it to their paddock.

But when they got the lion they had to tame it the little lion club was to scared to play with John & Ace because of the man when he locked the lion club’s in the cage it made them scared.

But John & Ace did not want to hurt the lion he wanted the lion to be his friend so John & Ace played with the lion every day and feed the lion every day.

But one day they saw other lion’s next to him and he was the king of the pride he had two sisters and two Brother he was the big Brother out all of them.

In two years there lion got bigger so John & Ace thinked of taking him to Africa but they think how they were going to get him there so they went to the airport to see if someone will that him to Africa one person said that he will take him to Africa. So they got the lion and put it on the plane. They stayer to miss the lion so they went to go have a visit in Africa for there lion but the person how was selling the lion club said that the lion will not remember them but they still went.

One’s they got there they were looking for there lion for two hour’s  but one’s they saw it the lion looked at them and the lion run up two them. Then John & Ace hudy the lion because it been a long time they saw there lion.

And the lion ever let them see there pride and his wife.Image result for john and ace lion

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