Monday, 7 December 2015

Tatiana In The Holiday

In the Holiday I went with My nana And friend And cousin to hunua falls they then i jump in the cold cold water then i jump in with my cousin it and i was cool and then i play with my cousin in the falls and then i got out and the falls and it was hot and then we went and got some lunch and we ate it and it was yum and then we went back home and went to sleep.

Tatiana Ninjastarosaurs

       Tatiana dinosaurus

My dinosaurus got the name ninjastarosaurs because it hides like a ninja and it fight like a ninja because on its tail it has a ninja star and the Ninjastarosaurs tail.

The Ninjastarosaurs lived in the Cretaceous period and that means that the Ninjastarosaurs lived 145 million years ago.

An the Ninjastarosaurs is a meat eater so that means that it has teeth because it is a meat eater and when it want is food it will go and find its meat and eat it.

The Ninjastarosaurs has 2 feet because that how it can run fast and it has claws on it two feet and it needs claws on it nails because when a dinosaurs is going to attack his legs he can kill them with his claws.

An the Ninjastarosaurs has two hands and on it hand has claws on it hands and the Ninjastarosaurs user it hands for when there is little thing to get it she will use it hands for it.

Then on the Ninjastarosaurs tail has a ninja star on it tail and when the Ninjastarosaurs is going to attack a dinosaurs with it tail it will make the ninja star fly and get the ninja star to attack the dinosaurs.

Tatiana Me and My Mum

On sunday me and my mum went out to my friend house and that was cool and then my mum took me do you want a ice cream and then i said yes and then we went and got i ice cream and eat it all up and then we went back home and went to sleep.

Tatiana In the weekend

In the weekend i went to my nana house and i play with my baby on the park. We had fun when we ran around the park. We had lunch to and that was a yum lunch that my nana made for as. An then my nana took me and my baby to the pools and that was cool as. Then we got to play in the water with my baby and then we went back home and we had a sleep.

Tatiana Cross Country

    cross country

On monday pt england school had cross country and all of
the kids had been wearing their clothing and we had green
and red and blue and yellow and then we had all the kids come to the pack and we all sit at awo own year.

We had started the cross country for pt england school we had the year 1 go first for the cross country and then we had the year 2 go to rare on the field and then it was time for the year 3 to go on the field and have a rare.

Then we had the year 4 boys and girls go on to the field and then they ran to the people who they had to ran to and then when they had done there rares they will have to get a cup of water.

Then when all the years were done we will go back to who class room and do their thinking.


At our school we have a field of that had some people names on this thing and then Mr burt a got all the years from the classrooms to can and remember them the people who died for all of a's and 1 of the people play the last ports for them

ANZAC dawn parade

On a cold april morning before the sun rises every year across australia and new zealand thousands people gather around monuments to show respect and remember the soldiers who died in world war 1 the dawn parade is held on april 25th anzac day as this is the day anzac troop were fighting in gallipoli. at the dawn parade we heard a old man playing the last post in front of everybody and we will remember them who died for has in world war 1 and we will remember them.   

Tatiana Immersion Assembly

On monday we had a Immersion Assembly and then room 11/12 went to the hall and we look at the people in the hall
who were dressed up.

And then Mr burt said hello kids we are going to look at all the teams and the first team is team 1 and they are going to the zoo then some people went and got some kids to sing a song and then we had a prize for the best singer and then they started to sing a song and the prize was a trip to the zoo with the year 1.

The next team is the team 2 and they had a friend with the team 2 and it was ,,Miss Bell,, dressed up in a dinosaur and kids got to code ,,Miss Bell,, in her dinosaur and the people said we will get to see miss bell in the playground.

An the next team is team 3 and they are learning about dinosaur there was all of the tear  were dressed up like dinosaur and there was a movie a about the tear like a dinosaur and were names for the dinosaurs so   

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Tatiana Tyrannosaurus Rex Note

The tyrannosaurus rex  is a dinosaur that was from the cretaceous period and that mean that the tyrannosaurus rex lived 145 million years ago.

Did you know that the tyrannosaurus rex lived in hot lands because that we're all the dinosaurs without teeth lived and did you know that when the tyrannosaurus rex want some food it can  just go to the dinosaurs that have no teeth and go and kill it for it meat.

Did you know that the tyrannosaurus rex was the biggest dinosaurs but it was not that big because there was bigger dinosaurs then the tyrannosaurus rex.

Did you know that the tyrannosaurus rex had 27 teeth and it teeth's size was like a banana and and it teeth was sharp as.

And a tyrannosaurus rex was big as a bus and it head was large did you know that the tyrannosaurus rex head could be like 16 size large and have you know that the tyrannosaurus rex has small eyes.

A tyrannosaurus rex has small arms and did you know that the time when the tyrannosaurus Rex use it arms when it has to get little thing.

Did you know that a tyrannosaurus Rex nose is good and it can tell what is that and if a Dinosaurus is out it can slam the dinosaurs where it is.

Did you know that when the tyrannosaurus rex small in has nose he can tell what is the dinosaurus and it get it informed shn from smalling and when the   

Tatiana Museum Trip

Tatiana Museum Trip.

On Friday we went to the Museum Trip and room 11/12.Had to be at school by the first bell rings and we were all here in the. Classroom by the first bell ring and then mr moan did the roll.

Then room 11/12 when on the bus and we had a girl and boys. Bus so we had the girl at the back and the boys are on the top and on the way to the. Museum we signed some song on the bus and then we got there.

Then all the line up on the hill and then we went into the. Museum and then we all sit down on the mat and then Josh came up to as and. Started to talk to as and then my mum went up to Josh and then. Josh got the map from my mum.

Then Josh told as that do you want to go to my lad to see some real fossil and then we went up some to the lad and then we went into Josh lad room and then he got like 3 people from classroom  and then we got to be palaeontologist and it fun and it was cool to because we got to look at real fossil and we got to see a real t rex baby head and then we had to tell Josh the fossil that we got from him and then we got up and telled the classroom what how fossil was.

An then we went down stairs to have ahw morning tea and then we all a treat to and we got to play when we were having ahw morning tea and then we went back into the Museum.

Then we started on ahw book that we had to do and it was fun because we got to look at the thing that we had to do at the Museum and then we had to look at the book to see if that was the thing and we got to go in the house and we got to watch a Tv about a volcano


Thursday, 12 November 2015

manaiakalani film festival


On Wednesday morning pt England school went to Sylvia park and then we had to line up and we had to line up next to the hall and then we had to walk up the hill and then get into the hall and then we went into the bus and sit down and then we dive off.

And then room 12/11 came to Sylvia park and then they walked to the door and then we went up the steps and then when we got to the top we went into the top and then we went into the movie and then we went in the door and then we went to watch the movie and then we sit on the site and then we waited.

And then Mr Burt said Kia Ora kids welcome to the Manaiakalani film festival 2015. then room 12/11 movie 

came up and then it was called stay-young and then the girls was eating ice cream and then a next movie came up.
then the next movie came up and it was about i'm the man i’m the man i’m the man and i like it because it had my cool song about i’m the man and then it was the cool movie and it was cool.

And then the Manaiakalani film festival was done and then we went on the bus and it had music on it and it was cool because that bus had music on it and then we were at school and the was the end.


Thursday, 29 October 2015

Non-stop cricket

    non-stop cricket

On monday we had cricket on the field And we had to get one person so it will be good so we can get two turns and there was some people on the field on get two turns and i said to lucy get the ball and she got the ball and put the ball next to me.

I was on the field hitting 2 ball and people had to get the ball and put it next to his and it was Lucy turn and she hit the ball fall and we got the 20 point.

Then it was the people turn who were hit the ball are now getting the ball and me and Lucy had to get 2 ball for all the people in room 12 and then it was Ayla turn to go and she hit the ball and it went flying over room 12 and Jayilm got the power fall hit from ayla.

And then it was cruz’s turn and then he hit the ball and then it went flying over mr moran and then Cruz’s hit the ball and it was a good power fall hit it went to mr moran and then Hazel got Cruz’s power fall hit and then Aisha got Cruz’s flying ball over mr moran and that's is the end of my non stop cricket.     

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Immersion assebly

england school and they ate their ice creams at pt england school and that was the end of the movie.
On monday all of pt england school went to the hall and we all sat on the floor and the immersion assembly was about trade and enterprise we had all the kids teach all in new clothing and they had ideas to the last week and the.

Year 1 ones are going to make so ice cream and they made some movies of them making some vanilla ice cream and they made a movie about them going to the shop and getting some ice cream and they lined up to give the man or woman the money for their ice cream and they came back to pt
And the year 4 are think about jobs to do and we have iwo own job at the classroom so we have messenger people and there's own ne two people who take messenger. Out and. Hand out notices and answers the phone and we have teacher’s assistant and there’s own ne two people who cleans the board and takes the cups to the staffroom. And we have librarian people and they to ensures books are neatly displayed and we have electrician who tunes the lights on and off and the heaters and we have. Computer technicians who tunes on and off the computers and connects them to student room and we have chairs people who. Puts the chairs up. And down in the right places and we have windows and doors people who opens and locking and unlocking the cupboards and we. Have supercharger people who charging chromebooks and locking and unlocking cupboards.

And of  pt england school went back to there’s class room and did there think that they had to do.

fireman daivd

 who came why did they come

fireman david came to the year 4 to tell as about being a fireman he tell as about that being a firefighter man is like having two family and he said that they work as a team and david said that when there is no fire he watched tv and eat so food and then he makes some food for the other firefighter man and firefighter women and then he said that he looks at the fire truck and looks to see if all the tools are there for if there is a fire.

        What do fireman david do

Fireman david came to pt england school and he telled all of the classroom in year 4 what do fireman david do he tell. as that in a fire it is all black from the smoke and then he said that they work as a team. then fireman david said they have two people at the back when they are going to a. fire and they have a bossy who go around the house to put the power out so they don't get hunt or bunt when they are in the house.

         what did fire man david wear            

fireman david wear a black blue jacket

Thursday, 3 September 2015

My dream job

      why do you want the job

I want to be a chef because i like cooking food and I want to be a chef because they make good food and you can see how they make their delicious and yummy food like their  delicious and yummy cakes and cupcakes with there yellow ice cream on there yummy and delicious cakes and cupcakes.

                           what do they do

A chef likes cooking delicious cakes and cupcakes because they are good at cooking good food and they make you yummy and delicious food and they make you lunch to eat like yummy delicious cakes and cupcakes.

                            what do they wear

Chef wear a white apron and a white hat because they need an apron when they are cooking because so when they are baking the cakes or cupcake are not on him or her and they wear a white hat so the kids or people know who is the chef.
                   what sort of person you need to be

You have to be good at cooking yummy food and you have to like to be a chef and you have to be a happy person so if you are going to give a person some yummy food you need to be happy to give them their yummy food and you have to be fun for the kids.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Tatiana kiwisports


Kiwisport coaches teach lots of schools warm ups and skills for sports. In a game you need to have strategies and cooperate as a team so we can work as a team.

A kiwi sports coaches have to be confident and they have to be enthusiastic and they have to take charge and be smart at doing the sports.

Some kiwisport coaches wear black and blue and sometimes red and blue. They have some black boots and they have a blue pants. They need equipment so the kids can play with the equipment with what the kiwi sport coach is doing.

To become a kiwisport coach you need to learn your skill that you are going to teach the kids and you have to go to visits lots of schools so you can see what the kids sports are doing.

The sort of person you need to be is that you have patience. Your Kiwi sport coach does not get angry at your room when you are doing your sport or skills. The coach is teaching you how to cooperate as a team. They also teach strategies with people so we can work as a team because it will be fun if we are all working as a team.

Tatiana Tesselation

Thursday, 20 August 2015

My first cv



Volcanologist collect samples of lava and rocks and then they take the samples back to their lab, to do thing on the samples like looking in the rocks, and finding out facts about them.  And volcanologist use drones to look at the lava and take video of the volcano.


When volcanologist are at the field working they have breathing-apparatus. Sometime and they have a heat-resistance suit that. Keeps them safe from the lava and they have heavy gloves to keep them. Safe from getting the rock in the lava and they have. Helmet or a sun hat so it can keep them safe from. The sun and the lava.


To become a volcanologist. You will like to look at volcanoes and you will. Like to go in the lad and test the lava and rocks.


You have to love volcanos and you have to love testing the rocks and lava. You have to love working in the field and help other volcanologist.


Being a volcanologist is fun and happy and when you are working in the field it is fun and happy and volcanologist have fun sometime to us doves in the volcanoes.

Friday, 7 August 2015

what do fire fighter wear

      what do fire fighter wear

fire fighter wear protective clothing so they don't get hunt or bunt and they have fireproof boots so there feet don't get burnt and fire fighter have yellow stripes so fire fighter no that someone who need help or not help.

fire fighter have a special helmet with a visor and firefighter have to wear a helmet so they don't get hunt or hunt and the helmet helps the firefighter so they don,t get hunt on the head buy some wood.

fire fighter need breathing apparatus so they don't smell
the poisonous from the beds and they need a mask so they can breath oxygen into them

fire fighters are my hero because they save people's lives and help they us get out of fires.


Thursday, 2 July 2015

tatiana mataiki

mataiki is a time to think about the people went to war and mataiki is a time to make people happy and it is a time to like people and mataiki is a time to look at the star and mataiki is a time to play with your mum and dad and nana and baby and friends can come over to your home and mataiki is a time to play with your friends and time tell about the star and mataiki is a time of maori new year and mataiki is a time about the star.


On the friday of 26 of june we had a bounce castle at pt england school and mr Jacobsen came into room 11/12 class and he said to the kids do you want to go on the bounce castle and all the kids said yes so mr. Jacobsen said line up the pt england way. Then all of room 11 and 12 line up the pt england way and we had to waited patiently and all of the kids in the line of room 11 and 12 class got. Scrambled up and it was like a long long line. And when it was room 11 and 12 tune on the bounce castle we had to line up and waited patiently and we will so excited to go on the bounce castle and we had to go on like one kids at a time. When it was room 11 and 12 tune we had to go up a latte and a man was up on the bounce castle and he was the one to tell one of

Friday, 19 June 2015

The lighthouse

High on a hill above the village stood a lighthouse. Its beams of light were a warning for ships to stay away. There were treacherous rocks below.

The people that lived in the village were celebrating. The lighthouse keeper was an old solitary man. He was doing his work and he heard an unusual clanking noise, he decided to walk up the stairs and investigate what had happened. Suddenly the whole lighthouse plunged into darkness, he felt worried.  

When he reached the top of the stairs, he opened a little door to inspect the enormous lamp, then he heard a blasting horn from a ship. As he struggled to lift the enormous lamp, he  tripped over his toolbox that was sitting on the floor and the lamp smashed into thousands of pieces. He thought “oh no I smashed the lamp into lots of tiny pieces, what can I do now?”

The lighthouse keeper came up with a solution and he ran down stairs to open the door for a little peek,villagers were starting to arrive and they were carrying all the lanterns from the village.
All the people from the village were holding lamps so the ship goes to the rocks and smashed.

Friday, 5 June 2015

The switch

A man was walking along eating his lunch, he noticed he had a spilt some of his food on his tie, then out of nowhere a white box came and hit him on the head. He got angry and gave the white box a mighty kick!

He noticed lots of white boxes but there was one unusual box, it was shiny. He tried to push the shiny box but it wouldn't budge. He clambered up a tower of boxes and he leapt off to try and land on the shiny box, but he missed it.

Then he noticed a red button underneath the unusual box, he reached out to push the red button but when he pushed it, the box started to spin and then his tie got sucked into the box. The man tried to pull out his tie but his feet got sucked into the box as well, he got scared because the box was dragging his whole body in. The man disappeared forever.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

the big surprise

1.   why did Dad have a big smile?

2.   Why did the girls want Grandma to run?

3. Why did Neela help mum make the bed for the newborn baby?

we had to create questions about our book.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Marshmallow Monster

Jimmy was in a spooky forest sitting on an old log by the calm lake. He was roasting some marshmallows over the orange glowing fire and Jimmy was getting warm.

Suddenly Jimmy heard a stick breaking, he looked behind him then he got scared because there was a monster with yellow scary eyes and creepy scales. Luckily Jimmy knew how to tame the monster...With marshmallows! Jimmy poked a stick at the monster’s face, then the monster poked his tongue out, and then the monster started to do tricks like laying on his back to get the marshmallows.

Oh no Jimmy ran out of marshmallows and the monster turned into a bad monster he tried to run and eat Jimmy, but Jimmy grabbed a pillow and the monster had a daydream that the pillow was a big marshmallow, Jimmy threw the marshmallow and the monster chased it. Jimmy ran into the forest and the monster tried to roast the pillow and it burnt and turned into dust.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Immersion Assembly

  1. On a one Monday  morning pt England school had an immersion assembly at the school hall.

we were going to discover what we will be learning about this t. room 11 and 12 walked nicely in a line to the hall. my favorite part was when Mr barks welcomed Mr servile on to his minion hovercraft. so mr somerville went onto mr barks is hovercraft and when he went onto it he holed on tight. and then he got lifted up and he slided across the stage smoothly

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


 At our school we have a field of remembrance and these white crosses have names of soldiers who died in the war lots of people where poppy at ANZACs Because it a symbol of new life.