Monday, 19 September 2016

The boy who larned to fly

A lifetime ago there was a little boy name Usain Bolt.He lives in Jamaica country or village is a small place to live in.Were Usain Bolt was from had not that much grass or water and there were bush green trees too.
Usain Bolt hate to be late to school so he runs to school but. When he runs to school  he forget his lunch so when he get to school  he forget that he forgot his lunch so when he look’s at all the kid with lunch he want it.
His teacher saw Usain Bolt that he had no lunch so he told Usain Bolt if he wanted some of his lunch .If he race the fastest kid in the school when Usain Bolt started that race he was going fast then his but then the boy went faster than Usain Bolt looked at the lunch that the teacher had in his hands and run fast as he could.
Then when Usain Bolt was 15 that was when he was going for his first race but when he was going for his first race he didn’t want to go for the race he think that he was going to lose and he did not want to lose but when his mum came she made Usain Bolt happy.

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