Monday, 7 December 2015

Tatiana In The Holiday

In the Holiday I went with My nana And friend And cousin to hunua falls they then i jump in the cold cold water then i jump in with my cousin it and i was cool and then i play with my cousin in the falls and then i got out and the falls and it was hot and then we went and got some lunch and we ate it and it was yum and then we went back home and went to sleep.

Tatiana Ninjastarosaurs

       Tatiana dinosaurus

My dinosaurus got the name ninjastarosaurs because it hides like a ninja and it fight like a ninja because on its tail it has a ninja star and the Ninjastarosaurs tail.

The Ninjastarosaurs lived in the Cretaceous period and that means that the Ninjastarosaurs lived 145 million years ago.

An the Ninjastarosaurs is a meat eater so that means that it has teeth because it is a meat eater and when it want is food it will go and find its meat and eat it.

The Ninjastarosaurs has 2 feet because that how it can run fast and it has claws on it two feet and it needs claws on it nails because when a dinosaurs is going to attack his legs he can kill them with his claws.

An the Ninjastarosaurs has two hands and on it hand has claws on it hands and the Ninjastarosaurs user it hands for when there is little thing to get it she will use it hands for it.

Then on the Ninjastarosaurs tail has a ninja star on it tail and when the Ninjastarosaurs is going to attack a dinosaurs with it tail it will make the ninja star fly and get the ninja star to attack the dinosaurs.

Tatiana Me and My Mum

On sunday me and my mum went out to my friend house and that was cool and then my mum took me do you want a ice cream and then i said yes and then we went and got i ice cream and eat it all up and then we went back home and went to sleep.

Tatiana In the weekend

In the weekend i went to my nana house and i play with my baby on the park. We had fun when we ran around the park. We had lunch to and that was a yum lunch that my nana made for as. An then my nana took me and my baby to the pools and that was cool as. Then we got to play in the water with my baby and then we went back home and we had a sleep.

Tatiana Cross Country

    cross country

On monday pt england school had cross country and all of
the kids had been wearing their clothing and we had green
and red and blue and yellow and then we had all the kids come to the pack and we all sit at awo own year.

We had started the cross country for pt england school we had the year 1 go first for the cross country and then we had the year 2 go to rare on the field and then it was time for the year 3 to go on the field and have a rare.

Then we had the year 4 boys and girls go on to the field and then they ran to the people who they had to ran to and then when they had done there rares they will have to get a cup of water.

Then when all the years were done we will go back to who class room and do their thinking.


At our school we have a field of that had some people names on this thing and then Mr burt a got all the years from the classrooms to can and remember them the people who died for all of a's and 1 of the people play the last ports for them

ANZAC dawn parade

On a cold april morning before the sun rises every year across australia and new zealand thousands people gather around monuments to show respect and remember the soldiers who died in world war 1 the dawn parade is held on april 25th anzac day as this is the day anzac troop were fighting in gallipoli. at the dawn parade we heard a old man playing the last post in front of everybody and we will remember them who died for has in world war 1 and we will remember them.   

Tatiana Immersion Assembly

On monday we had a Immersion Assembly and then room 11/12 went to the hall and we look at the people in the hall
who were dressed up.

And then Mr burt said hello kids we are going to look at all the teams and the first team is team 1 and they are going to the zoo then some people went and got some kids to sing a song and then we had a prize for the best singer and then they started to sing a song and the prize was a trip to the zoo with the year 1.

The next team is the team 2 and they had a friend with the team 2 and it was ,,Miss Bell,, dressed up in a dinosaur and kids got to code ,,Miss Bell,, in her dinosaur and the people said we will get to see miss bell in the playground.

An the next team is team 3 and they are learning about dinosaur there was all of the tear  were dressed up like dinosaur and there was a movie a about the tear like a dinosaur and were names for the dinosaurs so