Friday, 16 June 2017

What's for dinner

Have you ever had my Kitchen rules come to your house before. On monday the first of may

Today i will be making slow-roast chicken with homemade gravy and with some Crusty garlic bread.And for Dessert we will be having pink jam sliced with a lava cake next to it.

When i was in the Kitchen cooking the slow roast chicken it was perfect it. The slow roast was steaming hot and with the grave on the top of it  just looked like i wanted to eat it yummy.

When i walked to pete and maun they were so looking forward to see my dish when pete and maun ate my dish. I was so Nervous that they will not give me a ten out of ten.

Then when pete told me what the Score was he said it was a ten out of ten i was crying when he said that because i was so happy that i got a ten out of ten.

Then when i walked back into the kitchen i was so happy that i got a ten out of ten but it was time to make the pink jam sliced with a lavacake next to it.

when i was making the lavacake the chocolate was gooey sticky slow and perfect and when i got the pink jam sliced out of the oven it was perfect
and fresh and pretty too when i got to Decorate the pink  jam sliced.

When i took the Dessert to the judge i was pretty proud of me making the lavacake and pink jam sliced.

When the judge started eating my Dessert maun said that the pink jam sliced and the lavacake was perfect.I got a ten out of ten and i was so happy.

When Pete and maun walked out of my house i was so happy that i got a ten out of ten.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Horror Night

It was a bright and shine night. Paige and madison woke up to go to school.On there way too school they had seen a Tunnel that was Possessed and it all so Paige and madison had been hearing voices through the tunnel so they we to go see what the voice’s were.

When paige and madison were walking to see who was making the noises they had seen a little girl playing with annabelle doll.When paige and madison saw that little girl playing with the annabelle doll they had gotten Scared also paige and madison.

hearts were racing and they had started to see a red light when they were walking to the red light it looked really scarer but when they had got out it was a old train station when she got out it did not look that scarer when she had gotten out.

         So that is the end for the Horror Night.