Thursday, 20 October 2016

Behind the door

Once a upon time there lived two girls named Penny and Angel. They were going for a walk to their Nana Hazel. She was very sick so they wanted to see how she was. On the way they got hungry but they had no money to get them a feed so they we're going to go back home but they could not because it was to far away so they kept on going to there nana.

Then it started to get hotter than Angel could see a shop from where they were they needed a drink of water then they started to walk again then "Penny" could see a door in the middle of nowhere she wanted to know what was behind it Penny and Angel were thinking about what was going to be inside of it "Angel" was thinking about that there were going to be food behind it "Penny" and "Angel"  was thinking about that her nana was going to be behind the door.

Then "Penny" started thinking again about what was going to be inside of it she was thinking about what if a dog was behind it and then Angel started to think what was going to be behind it two what if a snake was behind it.Then the girls were wrong about what was going to behind it "Penny" wanted Angel to open the door then "Angel" wanted Penny to open the door so if something bad or good was behind it she will not get hurt.

Old_double_doors.jpgge Attribution: By Dennis Brown (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Then "Penny" was thinking about what if they were going to play rock paper Scissors 3 times in a row "Angel" won 2 times in a row then Penny started to get 2 times in a row and then Penny won so "Angel" had to go and open the door then Angel said who ever win’s they have to open the door."Penny went to go open the door and inside it was her nana Penny was happy to see her nana and Angel was to but they were so Hungry to so there nana made them some egg’s and chicken so that how my story ends.

Diet coke Bottle Experiment's

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

A wild adventure

One a upon time the story goes like this.One day there were two girl’s named Emily and Emma they were best friends but one day they found a cave they wanted to go look what was inside the cave but Emma did not want to go into the cave because one day someone told her that something live in the slimy cave it was the Joker and Dead pool they were friends but then they stop being friends and now they fight.

Then when Emma run back Emily was gone she look all over her village but she could not found her Any were then she went to go look for her in the slimy cave then Emma could hear someone crying but it was not Emily it was her other friend Penny she got lost and then Penny wanted to help Emma find Emily. They could hear Emily crying but not were it came from then Emma got lost to but Emma was not Scared so Emma started calling out Emily name Emily could hear her and penny but when she tried to run to her she got even lost then the Joker and Deadpool found Emily and but her in there dungeon Emma found Emily but Emma did not know how she could get Emily out of the Joker and Dead pool Dungeon.

Emma tired ever thing she could do to get Emily out of the Dungeon then Penny could hear the Joker and Dead pool coming to them then when the Joker went to the dungeon Emily was gone then the Joker and Dead pool went to go look for Emily.
A Wild Adventure...
Image Attribution: By Doug Knuth from Woodstock, IL (Son Doong-47) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Tuesday, 11 October 2016 dry ice

How we made bouncy balls

Scientific Question What Happens When we Mix Borax,water,food coloring,glue and Four it turn into a ball or slime.

What do we already know?
Food coloring is liquid.Borax is a laundry detergent.If your Bouncy ball was watery you had to add corn flour if you haded corn flour it will do nothing.

What can we find out?
We will make a Bouncy ball
Food coloring,glue,corn flour,hot water,borax,

What do we think will happen? (Hypothesis)
If I…, then ….will happen.
If i make it correctly then it will form a bouncy ball.
If i did not make the bouncy ball correctly it will turn into slime.

What do we do to find out? (Procedure)
  1. In one cup we put borax and water.
  2. In another cup we put corn flour,glue and food colouring
  3. Stir the cup with the corn flour mix.
  4. Gradually pour the water mix into the corn flour mix.
  5. Made bouncy ball.

What Happens ? my bouncy ball work because i made all the correctly things for it and but when i put it in my hands it was like slime then i had to roll it into a ball then that how i made my bouncy ball.  

Tell as how you made the bouncy ball’s ? we made bouncy balls by using. We had to have 2 cups,Borax,hot water,and in the next cup we had to put glue,corn flour,food colouring,and then srit.