Monday, 19 September 2016

Kayaking Trip

Once a upon time there lived 3 kids and 2 adult the 3 kids names were kelly hazel and Jamyne they were going for a kayaking trip but there mum was afrid to go kayaking.
Because there mum told them about when she went for her first kayaking trip when she was 5 or 8 she went for her first kayaking trip she was having fun but her brother went to jump off the boat and she fell off but the thing was she could not swim so that’s why she dose not want to go on the kayaking trip.
Then if there mum did not want to go on there kayaking trip there dad will go with them they went to there dad and he wanted to go so they went into the car and dive off but it took them a long time to get there and it was a hot as day the kids started to go to sleep because they got hot.
When they got to the river the kids were a sleep so there dad went to go for a kayaking trip by himself he saw some fish and he wanted to get some for there dinner but when he tired to get the fish he fell off and he could not swim.
There dad was calling for the kids and the kids waked up and they saw there dad so they went to go and save him so the went in there kayaking broads and they went to go and get his hand and they saved there dad so the kids had a swim and went to sleep and had there best first kayaking trip ever.

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