Thursday, 29 October 2015

Non-stop cricket

    non-stop cricket

On monday we had cricket on the field And we had to get one person so it will be good so we can get two turns and there was some people on the field on get two turns and i said to lucy get the ball and she got the ball and put the ball next to me.

I was on the field hitting 2 ball and people had to get the ball and put it next to his and it was Lucy turn and she hit the ball fall and we got the 20 point.

Then it was the people turn who were hit the ball are now getting the ball and me and Lucy had to get 2 ball for all the people in room 12 and then it was Ayla turn to go and she hit the ball and it went flying over room 12 and Jayilm got the power fall hit from ayla.

And then it was cruz’s turn and then he hit the ball and then it went flying over mr moran and then Cruz’s hit the ball and it was a good power fall hit it went to mr moran and then Hazel got Cruz’s power fall hit and then Aisha got Cruz’s flying ball over mr moran and that's is the end of my non stop cricket.     

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