Monday, 7 December 2015

Tatiana Ninjastarosaurs

       Tatiana dinosaurus

My dinosaurus got the name ninjastarosaurs because it hides like a ninja and it fight like a ninja because on its tail it has a ninja star and the Ninjastarosaurs tail.

The Ninjastarosaurs lived in the Cretaceous period and that means that the Ninjastarosaurs lived 145 million years ago.

An the Ninjastarosaurs is a meat eater so that means that it has teeth because it is a meat eater and when it want is food it will go and find its meat and eat it.

The Ninjastarosaurs has 2 feet because that how it can run fast and it has claws on it two feet and it needs claws on it nails because when a dinosaurs is going to attack his legs he can kill them with his claws.

An the Ninjastarosaurs has two hands and on it hand has claws on it hands and the Ninjastarosaurs user it hands for when there is little thing to get it she will use it hands for it.

Then on the Ninjastarosaurs tail has a ninja star on it tail and when the Ninjastarosaurs is going to attack a dinosaurs with it tail it will make the ninja star fly and get the ninja star to attack the dinosaurs.

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