Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Immersion assebly

england school and they ate their ice creams at pt england school and that was the end of the movie.
On monday all of pt england school went to the hall and we all sat on the floor and the immersion assembly was about trade and enterprise we had all the kids teach all in new clothing and they had ideas to the last week and the.

Year 1 ones are going to make so ice cream and they made some movies of them making some vanilla ice cream and they made a movie about them going to the shop and getting some ice cream and they lined up to give the man or woman the money for their ice cream and they came back to pt
And the year 4 are think about jobs to do and we have iwo own job at the classroom so we have messenger people and there's own ne two people who take messenger. Out and. Hand out notices and answers the phone and we have teacher’s assistant and there’s own ne two people who cleans the board and takes the cups to the staffroom. And we have librarian people and they to ensures books are neatly displayed and we have electrician who tunes the lights on and off and the heaters and we have. Computer technicians who tunes on and off the computers and connects them to student room and we have chairs people who. Puts the chairs up. And down in the right places and we have windows and doors people who opens and locking and unlocking the cupboards and we. Have supercharger people who charging chromebooks and locking and unlocking cupboards.

And of  pt england school went back to there’s class room and did there think that they had to do.

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