Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Tatiana Museum Trip

Tatiana Museum Trip.

On Friday we went to the Museum Trip and room 11/12.Had to be at school by the first bell rings and we were all here in the. Classroom by the first bell ring and then mr moan did the roll.

Then room 11/12 when on the bus and we had a girl and boys. Bus so we had the girl at the back and the boys are on the top and on the way to the. Museum we signed some song on the bus and then we got there.

Then all the line up on the hill and then we went into the. Museum and then we all sit down on the mat and then Josh came up to as and. Started to talk to as and then my mum went up to Josh and then. Josh got the map from my mum.

Then Josh told as that do you want to go to my lad to see some real fossil and then we went up some to the lad and then we went into Josh lad room and then he got like 3 people from classroom  and then we got to be palaeontologist and it fun and it was cool to because we got to look at real fossil and we got to see a real t rex baby head and then we had to tell Josh the fossil that we got from him and then we got up and telled the classroom what how fossil was.

An then we went down stairs to have ahw morning tea and then we all a treat to and we got to play when we were having ahw morning tea and then we went back into the Museum.

Then we started on ahw book that we had to do and it was fun because we got to look at the thing that we had to do at the Museum and then we had to look at the book to see if that was the thing and we got to go in the house and we got to watch a Tv about a volcano


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