Monday, 7 December 2015

Tatiana Immersion Assembly

On monday we had a Immersion Assembly and then room 11/12 went to the hall and we look at the people in the hall
who were dressed up.

And then Mr burt said hello kids we are going to look at all the teams and the first team is team 1 and they are going to the zoo then some people went and got some kids to sing a song and then we had a prize for the best singer and then they started to sing a song and the prize was a trip to the zoo with the year 1.

The next team is the team 2 and they had a friend with the team 2 and it was ,,Miss Bell,, dressed up in a dinosaur and kids got to code ,,Miss Bell,, in her dinosaur and the people said we will get to see miss bell in the playground.

An the next team is team 3 and they are learning about dinosaur there was all of the tear  were dressed up like dinosaur and there was a movie a about the tear like a dinosaur and were names for the dinosaurs so   

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