Tuesday, 22 September 2015

fireman daivd

 who came why did they come

fireman david came to the year 4 to tell as about being a fireman he tell as about that being a firefighter man is like having two family and he said that they work as a team and david said that when there is no fire he watched tv and eat so food and then he makes some food for the other firefighter man and firefighter women and then he said that he looks at the fire truck and looks to see if all the tools are there for if there is a fire.

        What do fireman david do

Fireman david came to pt england school and he telled all of the classroom in year 4 what do fireman david do he tell. as that in a fire it is all black from the smoke and then he said that they work as a team. then fireman david said they have two people at the back when they are going to a. fire and they have a bossy who go around the house to put the power out so they don't get hunt or bunt when they are in the house.

         what did fire man david wear            

fireman david wear a black blue jacket

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