Friday, 15 May 2015

Marshmallow Monster

Jimmy was in a spooky forest sitting on an old log by the calm lake. He was roasting some marshmallows over the orange glowing fire and Jimmy was getting warm.

Suddenly Jimmy heard a stick breaking, he looked behind him then he got scared because there was a monster with yellow scary eyes and creepy scales. Luckily Jimmy knew how to tame the monster...With marshmallows! Jimmy poked a stick at the monster’s face, then the monster poked his tongue out, and then the monster started to do tricks like laying on his back to get the marshmallows.

Oh no Jimmy ran out of marshmallows and the monster turned into a bad monster he tried to run and eat Jimmy, but Jimmy grabbed a pillow and the monster had a daydream that the pillow was a big marshmallow, Jimmy threw the marshmallow and the monster chased it. Jimmy ran into the forest and the monster tried to roast the pillow and it burnt and turned into dust.

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