Thursday, 26 May 2016

Will He Save Her

Superman is just having his breakfast and he but’s on the news and he Fly out of the Bat cave with batman. Batman get’s in his Bat car and Superman flies next to him and Batman climbs up to the sky tower in new Zealand and Superman Flies up.

Superman uses his laser eyes to cut the rope but the Joker uses his Bomb to get Superman and Batman hard to look for them. Then the Joker take Wonder Woman and she get’s all weak because the Joker takes Wonder woman power and Superman Laser the Joker hand and he Drops her down the sky tower Superman Flies after her and Batman get’s the Joker.

Superman flies after Wonder woman an Wonder woman nearly hit the gown but Superman get’s her. And Batman is uses his bat car But Batman is not strong so. The Joker get’s his car and he keeper throwing Bombs at him then the Bat car Drops then.

Superman comes up with Wonder woman and superman laser eyes Wonder woman power and Wonder woman get’s her power back then Wonder woman get’s her whip and then hit the Joker then the police come and superman. And it's person time for you Joker.

Yes she will be saved.

Walt: This was the photo that we had to copy this photo. But we could pick other people to save hero's. 

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