Monday, 9 May 2016

Immersion Assembly

Team 1 is do The season Summer The hot time to get some ice cold ice cream & Winter to get ready for building snowman And spring listing to the birds sing And flower to pick Autumn to look at the pretty leaves And to have time with your family.

Kapow!!! Pow!!! Boom!!! Wondering-woman and Supergirl That’s right pt england Term 2 is all about comic And art About superheros.

The Term 2 video was super!!! And Kaboom!!! An Hilarious Bear Baxendine wanted to take Bobby Jones chromebook But there superheros could here the super call from the Amatuer hero Batguy And Wondering Woman But the last person was captain america.

Batguy came in with a super fast ran to save the Amatuer hero then captain america & Wondering Woman took it Captain america Kapow!!! Bear Baxendine And Wondering Woman came in with a Kapow!!! Punch and then Batguy pick up Bear Baxendine And Waked!!! Him on to has shield. And then all of the hero's saved Bobby Jones chromebook.

The super!!! And Boom!!! Year 8 & 7 were looking at the boat color The year 7 & 8 super!!! Teahers were having a rans The super!!! and boom!!! Green team win but the Kaboom!!! Blue came 2.

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