Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Immersion assembly

This term, Our topic is Tewa Toi the meaning for this word is “Time For Art” so my team will be doing a piece of art and will be saying the meaning of the be hide of this art like why did you make it, and what does this art have apart of you.

I will be telling you why Pt England School has immersion assembly. Immersion assembly are for telling us what our topic is going to be about for this year and also i don’t really know if a lot of school do immersion assembly’s for there students but i really love how all the teachers take there time to make a little video about what there students topic’s are going to be about. Also i like how sometimes they pick some of there teachers to do a little play too.

Team 3 - i really love how the teachers where going crazy and miss Eddie and miss king were painting over the teachers body’s and making them go crazy and do dance moves over a piece of paper. They were making a challenge when they had to try and paint a piece of painting in one minute and see if students would buy there art work.

Also one of there teachers from Team 3 had told us that why would people buy a piece of art work that looks like a mess or looks like nothing that is special, She said that she doesn’t understand why people would waste a lot of money on a little piece of painting that looks like a 3 year old painted it. But me and my teacher were saying some words that sometimes they don’t understand why they buy that much money for them sometimes it could mean that painting could mean something to her or him.

So now i understand why some people spend a lot of money on a little piece of painting or on a piece of art work that cost a lot of money. And sometimes people won’t understand and some people will some people could Appericate the work that u did and some people may not agree. But that is ok because they will learn one day that is why that person brought that art work and maybe they will learn what it means.

There you have it - Term 4 immersion assembly i would like to say a big thank you for all the teachers who painted on the stage and for all the work they but in for making there videos and for showing us what you will be doing this team and that is all i would just like to show how much my teachers put into there videos and how much hours and time they took for it.

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