Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Horror Night

It was a bright and shine night. Paige and madison woke up to go to school.On there way too school they had seen a Tunnel that was Possessed and it all so Paige and madison had been hearing voices through the tunnel so they we to go see what the voice’s were.

When paige and madison were walking to see who was making the noises they had seen a little girl playing with annabelle doll.When paige and madison saw that little girl playing with the annabelle doll they had gotten Scared also paige and madison.

hearts were racing and they had started to see a red light when they were walking to the red light it looked really scarer but when they had got out it was a old train station when she got out it did not look that scarer when she had gotten out.

         So that is the end for the Horror Night.

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